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Because it makes all the sense in the world…

I’m thinking about dropping out of college for a year or two, joining the service if they’ll take me, then perhaps coming back to school if I feel so inclined. I’m bored, unchallenged, and frankly, and done being taught. I want to learn from experience, I want the world to be my teacher, and happening to be my final exam. I’m done with planning, done with getting the damn permits signed, I’m want to fucking build! I’m ready to begin, these years should be spent well, not in the expensive joke that they call college. I have been doing this far too long. I’m eighteen but most would age me at around twenty-seven or so, and by the Gods, I ready to go. It was fun, not so real, and filled to the brim with irony, time to get me one of those things called purposes. What do you think?

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  2. dulcetxsiren answered: If you hear whispers on the wind telling you to go forth, you must listen.
  3. kojiman answered: Im doing that tomorrow, Im signing with the U.S Army so I can do active unit
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